Get safely back to work

As business resumes, you will no doubt have implemented safety measures across your construction sites to protect workers against coronavirus and stop the spread of the disease. Integrating these measures within the ZenTrack app as part of your overall Health & Safety practices will ensure that they are adhered to by your teams, minimising the risk of an outbreak that could put your operation on hold.

Create custom checklists to suit your business’ needs

In all cases, measures to protect against COVID-19 within businesses will involve some level of social distancing and increased emphasis on hand washing or sanitising. ZenTrack enables you to assess how these procedures are being followed specifically within your business by allowing you to create bespoke checklists that take into account the unique needs of your operation and your working environment.

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Ensure safety at every level

As well as giving management staff the ability to carry out sitewide assessments as frequently as required, ZenTrack also enables individual workers to take responsibility for their own safety by allowing them to complete regular self-assessments via the app.

Identify and fix issues to help stop the spread 

By carrying out regular inspections via the ZenTrack app, site management can easily identify areas where your COVID-19 response can be improved. ZenTrack also allows management staff to send regular updates and push notifications to app users, helping to ensure that protecting against the virus remains a priority.

Instantly report and track cases

Should any of your staff develop symptoms, ZenTrack enables you to keep an up-to-date record of cases and monitor the situation. The records you have kept using ZenTrack’s team management feature will also give you full visibility of which staff infected team members have worked closely with whilst on site. This knowledge will enable you to quickly alert any personnel who could have been at risk of infection.