Customer Portals 

Get closer to your customers 

ZenTrack’s customer portal capability bridges the gap between you and your clients by allowing both to securely upload, access and share vital information. Created to suit your businesses specific requirements by ZenTrack’s experienced development team, customer portals open a vital communication channel between you and your clients, helping to improve transparency and build a better reputation.

Create new revenue streams

Failing to maintain a relationship with your customers once they have purchased your products and services could mean your business is missing out on ongoing revenue. Not only do customer portals serve as a continuous source of information for customers, they also allow you to effectively anticipate and cater to your customers’ needs for example for product maintenance or renewals.

Empower your customers

Customer portals can act as the first port of call for customers in need of support thanks to ZenTrack’s ability to store useful information such as user guides, images, diagrams and videos, all of which can help customers to easily solve problems for themselves.