Workflow management

Automate and control workflows to ensure efficiency and quality at every stage

Job management

Generate new projects at the touch of a button and assign tasks based on resource availability, location, training and more

Custom checklists and forms

Convert stacks of paper checklists into smart digital forms and assessments that can be accessed from anywhere 

Automatic reporting

Create reports in seconds to build a complete audit trail without stacks of time-consuming paperwork

Stock control

Reduce your shrinkage rate by keeping detailed up to date records of your inventory

Asset management

Retain the value of business assets such as vehicles and equipment with a system that helps you stay on top of their maintenance

Management information

Gain a complete insight into business performance, analyse data, identify trends, and make informed decisions

Alerts and notifications

Improve communications across your business with a sophisticated notification and alert system

Internet of Things

Automatically monitor performance and ensure compliance by seamlessly integrating with connected devices to capture vital data

Customer portals

Build strong relationships with your customers with quick, easy, and secure information sharing and communications