Health & Safety 

Key benefits of excellent H&S management

  • Build a proven business case for strict Health & Safety measures
  • Identify issues before they occur
  • Reduce number of reported injuries
  • Lower risk of a financially damaging compensation claim or legal prosecution
  • Savings on insurance premiums and legal costs due to fewer claims
  • Maintain high levels of productivity with fewer interruptions from incidents
  • Reduction in staff absence and sick leave
  • Higher retention of skilled staff
  • Improved reputation as a responsible employer
  • Maintain your Health & Safety accreditations

Access your Health & Safety documents from anywhere 

ZenTrack empowers your staff to ensure their safety by enabling instant access to all relevant Health & Safety information, checklists and assessments via the mobile app, even when working offline.  

ZenTrack Resource Profile

Create fully customised checklists in minutes 

Whatever the project, or type of task, ZenTrack makes it quick and easy to turn your existing Excel and paper checklists into online forms that can be completed by on-site workers via the mobile app.

Manage workflows with safety in mind  

When assigning tasks to workers via the ZenTrack portal, management staff are able to set controls that ensure no task or job is able to progress without the necessary Health & Safety inspections taking place.

All of your Health & Safety information in one place

Eliminate your print costs and do away with heavy binders by storing all of your Health & Safety documentation online. ZenTrack allows you to effectively organise your policies, checklists and risk assessments by attaching them to individual jobs and tasks so that they’re ready for your workers to access without needing to rifle through paperwork.

ZenTrack Assign Vehicles

Identify issues before they occur

By making it compulsory for workers to complete Health & Safety tasks before progressing with their jobs, ZenTrack ensures that any risk that could lead to an accident is identified before work commences. If a worker spots an issue, ZenTrack will automatically create an alert that will prompt management staff to assign a task to rectify it, so that work can then continue with as few delays as possible.

Report incidents in seconds

If an accident were to happen, on-site workers can use ZenTrack’s incident reporting tool to quickly create a time and date stamped record of what happened, including comments, images and signatures. The record will instantly be saved within the system and the relevant member of the management team will automatically be notified.

A complete Health & Safety audit trail

All Health & Safety inspections and assessments completed by workers using the mobile app are automatically stored within ZenTrack, eliminating the risk of missing documentation and giving you confidence and peace of mind when your next Health & Safety audit comes around.