Job Management

Start every job as you mean to go on

Easily create new jobs via the web portal. Attach a detailed job spec including location, images, notes and all associated digital forms, checklists, assessments.

Assign tasks
to the right people

ZenTrack can automatically recommend the best individual or group to carry out each job or task based on their location, availability, qualifications and skill set. Workers on location will automatically be notified and will be able to access all the information they need to carry out the job via the mobile app.

ZenTrack Resource Profile
ZenTrack Assign Vehicles

Assign vehicles, stock and equipment to jobs

Ensure workers have everything they need to complete their jobs as efficiently as possible, whilst keeping track of valuable business assets and inventory.

Smart job scheduling

The web portal’s visual job calendar not only means users are always just one click away from accessing their job information, they can also use the drag and drop tool to re-schedule jobs, and automatically notify the relevant field workers.

Automatically generate new repeat jobs

Job templates enable users to create repeat jobs, along with all the necessary associated documents at the touch of a button.

Speedy information transfer

ZenTrack’s web portal and mobile app allow for the instant transfer of job information between the back office and mobile workers, ensuring complete transparency and helping to avoid project delays. The mobile app’s offline capabilities ensure that workers on location can access the information they need without an internet connection.

ZenTrack Project Dashboard

Monitor performance

With all on-site job info entered into the app instantly visible via the web portal, back office staff and management can have a complete, real-time view of job progress.

Complete digital job records

Automatically create a comprehensive, paperless audit trail for every job that’s easy to navigate to via the web portal’s advanced search tools.

ZenTrack Project Record