Management Information

Gain a complete view of your operation 

The ZenTrack web portal’s main dashboard is the first port of call for management and back office staff when logging into the system. It instantly provides a real-time view of business operations that staff can use to quickly track job progress and performance.

ZenTrack Project Dashboard

Dashboard alerts and notifications

Users are immediately made aware of issues and non-compliance via the dashboard.

ZenTrack Resource Profile

Analyse results

As well as offering the ability to monitor performance in real-time, ZenTrack enables businesses to compare current and historic data across any metric. By analysing their data, businesses will be able to identify trends that help them to determine best practice for their operation. Management teams can then use this knowledge to make decisions and build strategies that ensure the success of their operation in terms of compliance, productivity and profitability.

Customisable widgets

Every user’s dashboard can be fully customised to provide instant visibility of the information that’s most important to them and their role. Widgets can be perfectly tailored to present data in the most meaningful way, whether that’s a table a chart, or even a 3D heatmap. 

Drill down into the detail 

As well as offering a bird’s eye view of your operation, ZenTrack gives web portal users a granular view of their business data enabling them to examine comprehensive individual records for jobs, assets, resources and stock.

ZenTrack Project Record

Generate reports in seconds

Once an assessment has been completed, app users can instantly create a time and date stamped PDF report that is automatically stored within ZenTrack along with all other project data, ready to be accessed at any time via the web portal or mobile app. These digital reports are tailored to suit your corporate branding and are easily shared internally and with third parties, both automatically and manually