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Software consultancy

Many of our clients understand the need to overcome the challenges brought about by clunky disjointed business processes and a lack of data transparency but are unsure of what type of software solution would best fit the bill.

ZenTrack offers a software consultancy service to guide you through the process. Once our experienced business analysts have spent time getting to know your existing processes and applications, we will then provide honest and impartial advice that will help you to decide whether a new software solution is the right way to go.

Bespoke software development

While ZenTrack boasts a wide variety of features that our clients can begin to benefit from as soon as they upload their data, as a business we do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

In fact, the ZenTrack team has 30 years’ experience of developing bespoke enterprise software solutions for FTSE 100 companies through to SMEs.

As passionate problem solvers, nothing inspires us more than our clients’ individual business challenges. Therefore, if you have a need that cannot be met by ZenTrack’s existing functionality, we would be delighted to build upon the system’s robust and infinitely scalable framework to design a software solution that is as unique as your business.


On every project we deliver, our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients. That’s why our outstanding Support team are always on hand to help your business make the most out of its ZenTrack software solution.


Security is at the forefront of every solution we deliver. We adhere to our own robust, ISO 27001 accredited Information Security Management System and are happy to work with clients to ensure our service complies with any specific requirements determined by their own processes and standards.

Secure hosting

ZenTrack’s years of experience delivering and managing software solutions for the banking industry have enabled us to develop an in depth understanding of data security. 

We offer the following fully managed, Ultra Secure Hosting services to suit our clients’ specific needs:

Cloud hosting

The secure Microsoft Azure dedicated hardware offering is a PCI/DSS compliant, scalable and cost-effective hosting solution that allows for the configuration and set-up of fully Disaster Recovery solutions, where necessary.

Dedicated hardware and infrastructure

This option is suited to businesses dealing with large volumes of highly sensitive customer data. Our hosting partners offer PCI/DSS Compliant hosting facilities, with full Disaster Recovery services at 2 geographically separated locations.

Integration / APIs

We are firm believers that having all your operational data in one place holds the key to improved business performance and growth. As such, we built ZenTrack to be capable of accepting data from any source, enabling you to connect all areas of your business in one, centralised data hub.

Our experts can help you to achieve complete visibility by seamlessly integrating your ZenTrack solution with your legacy and third party systems.

System maintenance

The ZenTrack team ensures your software solution always remains fit-for-purpose with security patches, upgrades for iOS and Android, and updates to allow compatibility with new operating system releases.


A new business software solution can take some getting used to. We can therefore easily customise your ZenTrack solution to incorporate your logo and brand colours, making sure it feels like part of your business from the get-go.