How many of your new homes are completion ready?

Find out in an instant with ZenTrack 

ZenTrack offers a comprehensive snagging system that equips management, back-office staff, and on-site workers with the tools they need to ensure a high-quality delivery, whilst offering a complete, real-time view of project progress in one simple and secure software solution.

A smart, personalised to-do list  

The ZenTrack app enables each member of staff to easily access their daily snagging tasks on site via their mobile device, even when working offline. Highly configurable job management features mean that the job lists that individual workers can view will have been specifically tailored to suit them and their roles. ZenTrack helps to ensure quality at every project stage by only enabling workers to progress to the next set of tasks once the previous ones have been properly completed.

ZenTrack Resource Profile

Create detailed, digital inspection records with no paperwork and no fuss 

Workers can view the relevant snagging checklists for the tasks they are assigned to carry out that day, allowing for a smooth process. The app’s intuitive checklists are set up in a simple Yes / No / N/a format and allow users to add photos and comments to individual checklist items where necessary. All data input via the app is automatically transferred to the web portal admin system, eliminating paperwork for on-site workers and giving them more time to fix any issues.

ZenTrack Assign Vehicles

Automatically trigger alerts and actions

Whenever a defect is recorded via the mobile app, a notification will automatically be sent to management who can then generate a new job to rectify the problem and track progress via the web portal. Not only does this mean that no defect goes unchecked, it will also ensure that issues are dealt with quicker, in many cases before buyers are even aware of the problem.

Generate digital reports in seconds

Once an assessment has been completed, app users can instantly create a time and date stamped PDF report that is automatically stored within ZenTrack along with all other project data, ready to be accessed at any time via the web portal or mobile app. These digital reports are tailored to suit your corporate branding and are easily shared internally and with third parties, both automatically and manually.

A real-time overview of your snagging operation  

The main dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of performance with notifications and customisable widgets that instantly alert users to issues that require attention.

ZenTrack Project Dashboard

Easy to find, standardised snagging records 

If more detail is required, users can easily navigate to specific snagging records using advanced search tools. The system ensures that all records are consistent, time and date stamped, annotated with images and notes where necessary, and ready to be turned into reports at the click of a button.

Create smart checklist forms in minutes 

Turn Excel and paper checklists into smart digital forms that will automatically be made available to site workers via the mobile app. It’s quick and easy to create, edit and store a bank of checklist templates for any type of project, whether it’s a terraced or detached house.

Automatically create new projects

ZenTrack makes light work of starting a new project. Users can set up a new project in minutes simply by entering key information about the new development such as the number of plots, rooms, stairs and gardens etc. ZenTrack will then instantly create a new project record based on these parameters, complete with all the associated snagging checklists for each new property.

Manage escalations with complete transparency   

The automatic transfer of snagging records from the mobile app to the web portal ensures that management and back office staff are notified of defects as soon as they are discovered. Web portal users can then effectively manage escalations by assigning jobs to the relevant workers to rectify issues and track progress.

ZenTrack Project Dashboard