Workflow Management

Personalised to-do lists

Every time workers open their app, they will be presented with a daily to do list, based on the unique set of tasks that have been assigned to them by management via the web portal. All the information required to carry out these tasks will be attached so they can hit the ground running.

ZenTrack App - To Do List

Enforce completion of tasks & inspections

To ensure that quality and safety have been taken into account at every stage of a project, ZenTrack enables management and back office staff to set strict controls that make it compulsory for users to complete vital tasks such as vehicle/equipment checks, toolbox talks and risk assessments before they can progress to the next task.

Data-driven workflows  

This powerful ZenTrack capability enables you to ensure compliance and resolve issues quickly and efficiently by putting your data to work. Using ZenTrack’s highly configurable threshold engine, management can set criteria and limits for satisfactory data. Whenever information that falls outside these limits is input into the system, for example if a vehicle does not meet particular safety criteria or a defect has been discovered during a snagging inspection, the system will automatically notify the person responsible and generate a new action to rectify the issue.